Community Choice Case Study

Why did you enlist us for help?

Community Choice is a $1B asset credit union headquartered in Michigan with an eye on growth and providing an exceptional member experience, but their separate mobile and online legacy platforms weren’t meeting the needs of the credit union or their membership. CU Engage came in to help the credit union identify the strategic and tactical requirements they needed in order to upgrade their digital presence in online banking and mobile.

“We didn’t know where to start in a project this important to our credit union,” said Jennifer Hurren, VP of eCommerce at Community Choice. “CU Engage went above and beyond to ensure that our evaluation was all-encompassing and that we selected the solution that is the best fit for our needs.”

Can you give us a general overview of how you thought the process went?

The process started with an overview of the industry and a “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If” session to help the credit union think about what was possible rather than limiting them to only what was available at the time. Through extensive requirements gathering and vendor vetting, CU Engage was able to help the credit union narrow their options and focus on the differentiators between the vendors in the space.

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About CU Engage

CU Engage was founded because we became increasingly frustrated that decisions were, more often than not, being made to simply cut costs and not focused on the member experience and technological efficiencies that today’s consumers require.

But we do it differently. Often, an outside-in view of the credit union helps uncover challenges and opportunities that a credit union executive team may not even know exists. It all starts with a very thorough discovery process where we collectively develop payment and channel strategies that align with your goals. It is surprising what is uncovered when we get involved with our clients. We foster a collaborative, creative environment where we encourage the credit union staff to put themselves in the members’ shoes. Want to hear about how we can help your credit union?

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