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“We didn’t know where to start in a project this important to our credit union. CU Engage went above and beyond to ensure that our evaluation was all-encompassing and that we selected the solution that is the best fit for our needs.”

Jennifer Hurren | VP of eCommerce | Community Choice Credit Union


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Online Platform

Why did you enlist us for help?

Community Choice is a $1B asset credit union headquartered in Michigan with an eye on growth and providing an exceptional member experience, but their separate mobile and online legacy platforms weren’t meeting the needs of the credit union or their membership. CU Engage came in to help the credit union identify the strategic and tactical requirements they needed in order to upgrade their digital presence in online banking and mobile.

Can you give us a general overview of how you thought the process went?

The process started with an overview of the industry and a “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If” session to help the credit union think what was possible, not just what was available today. Through extensive requirements gathering and vendor vetting, CU Engage was able to help the credit union narrow their options and focus on the differentiators of the vendors in the space.

“I couldn’t imagine not using CU Engage in a project like this,” continued Hurren. “Our senior executive team has talked about using a similar approach for all future vendor evaluations.”
“No vendor is perfect, and we feel we are going into a conversion project with our eyes open as to what we need to be prepared for which is a great position for the credit union and our vendor. We have realistic expectations and a clearly defined plan to help us get to our goals,” Hurren commented.

The CU Engage team provided Community Choice with the tools they needed to help them make the best decision: RFP comparisons, pricing details, references, executive summaries. The CU Engage team acted as an extension of Community Choice’s strategic team to ensure no stone was left unturned in their evaluation.

What were your original goals for this project? Did we meet them?

“We could not be happier with the results of our project and would highly recommend working with CU Engage on any vendor evaluation, it would have cost us more in time and resources to try to do it ourselves and we wouldn’t feel as comfortable in our decision without an outside-in perspective.”

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