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Debit Network
Surcharge Free ATM Network

  • Assets: $590,900,700

  • Members: 43,096

  • Headquarters: Baltimore, MD

  • Branches: 4

Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union was able to save an average of over $4,500 in monthly recurring costs over term.


Located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union is dedicated to serving the Hopkins community as well as members from Johns Hopkins organizations and affiliates across the globe.  JHFCU has $590+ million in assets and more than 43,000 members, several branch locations, and thousands of shared fee-free ATMs nationwide. Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union is there for its members when they need them, and they aim to provide the services their members value most, like high rates for savings accounts, low rates on loans and credit cards, and free checking accounts, among other perks.

Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union was started by a small group led by the President of The Johns Hopkins University in 1971 and takes pride in the variety of accounts and services they have grown to offer. They focus exclusively on assisting the Hopkins community. The staff at the credit union know their members have needs that range from identity theft to lost passwords, and they strive to be present and able to assist members with any concerns as they arise.

Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union is actively involved in its community. The JHFCU Outreach committee was created through the generosity that employees have shown over the years. This committee has taken on several volunteer tasks in the past, including designing trees for Kennedy Krieger’s Festival of Trees and packing lunches for students who can’t afford them. There are also several options for new Johns Hopkins University students, parents, and alumni when it comes to financial education. The credit union also hosts several educational seminars for members and events benefitting organizations like the United Way and the Johns Hopkins Children Center.


Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union wanted to evaluate and negotiate their network partnerships. When CU Engage stepped in to assist on the project, the credit union had existing partnerships with two networks. The project scope included considering a third network. In addition, the credit union engaged CU Engage to evaluate and negotiate their surcharge-free ATM network partnerships. The credit union wanted to be sure they were reducing costs and meeting the needs of their membership. CU Engage was asked to come in to help the credit union meet its debit and ATM network goals.

The team at CU Engage and the Johns Hopkins project team were able to work together seamlessly, and as a result, the credit union is seeing great outcomes from the projects and the members will feel the impact of the benefits that resulted from the negotiations.


Through the evaluations and negotiations CU Engage and Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union had with the selected vendors, the credit union was able to save an average of over $4,500 in monthly recurring costs over the contract term. In addition, they were able to secure an agreement with a new Debit Network provider for a 5-year term with a lift of more than $300,000 without interchange and over $1.5 million with interchange.

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