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“Working with CU Engage was a fantastic experience and we felt valued from day one,” said Christine Bouma, VP of Product Management and eCommerce. “This was not only the best experience with an RFP project, but of any consultant I have worked with in my over 17 years with Tower, and there have been many very good consultants we have used.”

Christine Bouma | VP of Product Management and eCommerce | Tower Federal Credit Union


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Why did you enlist us for help?

Tower Federal Credit Union is focused on exceptional member service including a consistent member experience extending to its online and mobile channels.  CU Engage came in to help the credit union identify the strategic and tactical requirements they needed to keep their digital presence in online banking and mobile top notch. They partnered with Tower to thoroughly examine the quickly changing and ever-evolving vendor landscape.

Tower Federal Credit Union is a $3.13B credit union formed in 1953 and headquartered in Laurel, MD. Since its inception, Tower has grown to be the largest federal credit union in Maryland with over 180,000 members worldwide.

Can you give us a general overview of how you thought the process went?

The process started with an industry overview and “wouldn’t it be nice if” session to help the credit union determine what we wanted in a partner. Through extensive requirements gathering and vendor vetting, CU Engage was able to help the credit union narrow down options and focus on the differentiators of the truly viable vendors in the space.

“There wasn’t a separate Tower team and the CU Engage team. We were all one team,” said Bouma. “CU Engage made us feel valued – they listened to our pain points and collaborated with us to find a solution that really fit our needs.”
“We really clicked with the process CU Engage used for our project. We loved the format and their recommendations of which vendors to bring on site – we were true partners with CU Engage throughout, and they genuinely cared about delivering on what we were looking for in our vendor,” said Bouma.

CU Engage provided Tower with the tools they needed to make the best decision for both their credit union and their members. RFP comparisons, pricing details, references, executive summaries – anything the credit union needed, CU Engage was happy to provide.

Would you recommend CU Engage to other credit unions undergoing a digital evaluation?

“Working with CU Engage was a fantastic experience from day one.  We immediately felt like we were a team together, and really appreciate the way they listened to us, collaborated with us, and valued our employees,” said Bouma. “I would highly recommend their team to anyone looking to evaluate their online/mobile banking options.”

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