Brandon Carter

Industry Analyst

Brandon’s Bio

Brandon is an Industry Analyst at Engage fi specializing in research and strategic development.  Drawing on his background in client relations, data analytics, and consulting, he supports our sales team and our clients in achieving their goals.

Brandon lives near Kansas City, Missouri, with his fiancé, Elyn, and their two daughters.  Brandon enjoys playing strategy games, Dungeons and Dragons, pottery, woodworking, and traveling in his free time.

Brandon’s Fun Facts

Favorite All-Time Song: “Midnight City” – M83 (Sax solo at 3:01!)

Favorite Cities: Edinburgh, Scotland; Prague, Czech Republic; Porto, Portugal

Trait that best describes me (in one word): Resourceful

Dream Job (besides the one I have now): Food/Travel Documentarian

Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, What We Do in the Shadows

Brandon’s Expertise



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