Mike Murad

VP of Technology

Mike’s Bio

Mike is a Minnesota native and an avid napper. He has worn many hats in the IT space and is now leading a superb team at Engage fi (and having a blast doing it) that blends experience, enthusiasm, talent, and hustle. Mike enjoys building things and helping others do the same. He considers himself a force multiplier for his colleagues and always tries to meet people (at least!) halfway.

Mike’s hobbies include being an accidental gardener, singing at church, philosophical speculation, and watching the same movies over…and over…and over. He also enjoys cooking and driving around the Black Hills, his adopted home.

Mike’s Fun Facts

Favorite All-Time Song: “Peg” – Steely Dan

Favorite Cities: New York, San Francisco

Trait that best describes me (in one word): Mercurial

Dream Job (besides the one I have now): U.S. Senator

Favorite Movies: Inception, Tombstone, Master and Commander, North By Northwest, Rear Window, Vertigo

Mike’s Expertise


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