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Digital transformation

Now is the time to act on your digital transformation!

Loretta and Jenn cover key focus areas of your peers, and provide a blueprint for attacking your digital transformation!

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Fraud Breakdown

Maximize your efforts for an effective fraud department today!

Fraud Expert Kody Tuupo breaks down 6 basic points to review within your credit union to ensure you're set up for success.

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Navigating the Crowded Sea

A high-level overview of the current digital landscape

Our experts share the latest trends we're seeing from our clients and projects. We give an overview of the digital landscape, and assess your options.

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Don't Gamble with Your Vendors

Clear as Mud: The Vendor Ecosystem

James Guild, founder of CU Engage, helps navigate the turbulent vendor landscape, dives into member experience, and shares an exclusive vendor negotiation DIY checklist.

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The Changing Payment Vendor Landscape

A deep-dive look into the payment landscape

Jenn simplifies the payment vendor landscape while helping you determine questions you should be asking and changes you can make at your credit union.

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In-House vs Full Service

Compare In-House vs Full-Service Options

Considering whether to bring cards in-house or not? That is the question we explore together in this informative 6-episode series with our expert strategic consultant, Ana Stock!

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PIN Breakdown

Breakdown the complex PIN Network landscape

PIN Networks expert Ava Farrell breaks down PIN Networks starting with the basics and building up to things like Surcharge-Free Networks and Networks Players and Owners.

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